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Help The Open Door Feed Your Neighbors! Donate to the Gloucester Little League Food Drive image

Help The Open Door Feed Your Neighbors! Donate to the Gloucester Little League Food Drive

Stand with Gloucester Little League and support those in need. Please give what you can today.


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Seize the Moment! How Little League Families Can Give Back to the Community that Supports Them

A letter from Jamie Marshall, President of Gloucester Little League

The coronavirus has impacted the world, and we are feeling its effects in local communities like ours. The Gloucester Little League season will be suspended till at least April 6, per order of International Little League. So, what can we do with all this pent-up energy?

Let’s start a food drive!

Gloucester Little League is partnering with The Open Door to help provide food for those in need and those impacted by the Covid-19 virus.

The GLL was founded in 1952 by volunteers and remains a volunteer organization with a “can do” spirit. You find these volunteers in the dugouts, at registration, raking fields, painting concessions, and doing whatever it takes to make sure the youth in our community have a great summer sports outlet.

In my opinion, this presents a wonderful teaching moment for our youth about volunteerism and giving. The COVID-19 situation has impacted this great community of Gloucester, with school closings, fear of the unknown, and empty grocery store shelves. Many will need support, especially those that look to The Open Door for help during difficult times. I am hoping that can keep the spirit of baseball alive during this delay with a small gesture of support for those that may need it.

Many households may do this on a regular basis and your child may understand the “why.” However, this is a circumstance that I have not seen in my existence and a perfect opportunity to reinforce a positive message. Please join GLL in this small but impactful gesture of help.

Every dollar helps. Please give what you can today!


Jamie Marshall

President, Gloucester Little League